Oil Sludge Filter

The oil sludge filter was installed at larger MPD's close to the Engine Shed, usually at the rear for those without a rear traffic entrance.

Sludge, being a mix of oil, water and other minerals that built up in the engine shed pits, was piped to the first filter bed where water filtered through sand leaving glutinous material behind to be craned out. Water entered the second aerobic bed where a biological process breaks down organic contaminants in the water. The pipework is there to facilitate pumping of air into the mass. Water overflowed the weir into the third bed were sediments migrated to the bottom. The water overflowed into a holding bed and via a drain out to the environment.

The model requires a hole, nominally 107 mm x 88 mm x 18 mm, to be cut into the layout baseboard for fitting.

An assembled,  authentic model of a Tangye 8 cwt crane associated with this specific filter bed is available as an optional extra only for 'Built to Order' Oil Sludge Filter purchases (not available separately) . The Tangye crane is exclusive to  A Model Railway Card Kit Shop) .

Oil Sludge Filter kit build skill level: BEGINNER (See Welcome Page for definition).

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Oil Sludge Filter Card Kit

Delivered as one .pdf data file.

Crane not included.

When your payment has cleared at PayPal you will be shown the assembly instructions to download. The kit .pdf file will be delivered separately to your PayPal registered email address within 24 hours of cleared payment.

Shipping ONLY to UK, Australia, New Zealand customers.

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Oil Sludge Filter Material Kit


  • 1 x 750 micron (0.75 mm) A4 Grey Board.
  • 1 x A4 White Copier Paper (non-sticky)

You still need to print the model kit yourself and source adhesives.

Crane parts not included.

Shipping ONLY to UK Customers

Built To Order Oil Sludge Filter

3D printed & hand painted Tangye 8 cwt sludge crane available as an option (not available separately) . Please see example in slide show above.

Enquire: sales@amodelrailway.uk

Hand built to order.

  • Paper and card construction
  • Printed using Epson Durabrite┬« Ultra Ink for colour fade resistance, smudge and water resistance. See full specification here
  • Shipping ONLY to UK Customers
  • Price includes postage - Second class signed for
  • Allow 14 days for delivery
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

The Prototype

on which this model is based - BR Southern Region loco yard.