victorian detatched house

Victorian House

A Gothic style detached house for a large middle class family or Station Master's residence. Purbeck stone walls and clay tile roof. Finished in green & cream livery [BR (S)]. Includes internal room partitions and upper floors with LED lighting access to individual rooms (lighting not supplied).

Please note that internal decoration is not provided.

Footprint: 135 mm long x 132 mm deep.

Build skill level: ADVANCED (See Welcome Page for definition) .
Rated ADVANCED because of intricate window frame cutting and gutters assembly.

Expert build time: 16 hrs.


victorian house


Victorian House Card Kit

Delivered as multiple .pdf data files.

When your payment has cleared at PayPal you will be shown the assembly instructions to download. The kit .pdf file will be delivered separately to your PayPal registered email address within 24 hours of cleared payment.

Shipping ONLY to UK, Australia, New Zealand customers.

Weight: kg

Victorian House Materials Kit

If ordering the Country Station Building please select that kit, as it includes this house.


  • 5 x 750 micron (0.75 mm) A4 Grey Board
  • 7 x A4 Sticky Backed Paper for Ink Jet or Laser Printers
  • 1 x 99 mm x 210 mm x 250 micron (0.25 mm) Transparent Sheet
  • 540 mm x 1 mm diameter wire.

You still need to print the model kit yourself and source adhesives.

This model requires 1 x A4 white, non-sticky print paper that you probably already have to hand (not included).

Shipping ONLY to UK Customers


Built to Order Victorian House

Enhanced with 3D printed plastic window frames and drain pipes. No internal decoration.

Note: Plain Bargeboard style pictured top of this page. Ornate style shown in picture matrix above..

Hand built to order.

  • Paper and card construction
  • Printed using Epson Durabrite┬« Ultra Ink for colour fade resistance, smudge and water resistance. See full specification here
  • Shipping ONLY to UK Customers
  • Price includes postage - Second class signed for
  • Allow 14 days for delivery
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Shipping ONLY to UK Customers

Customer Comment About Victorian House Built to Order

"The Victorian House is a magnificent structure, sturdily built and looks great on my layout. The detail in the building is very good and although there are some very delicate parts it was very well packed and protected and arrived completely intact and undamaged. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you."

GK, Sheffield, UK

The Prototype

On which this model is based - Corfe Castle Station Building.