southern platelayers hut

BR(S) Platelayers Hut

Introduced about 1946 and extant today across the south of England, albeit mostly abandoned and vandalised. This model is a replica of an abandoned hut on the London to Southampton line.

The finish is weathered concrete showing an orange lichen growth near the chimney. The window glass and door is missing and graffiti adorns inside and out, just as the prototype.

A version with door and no graffiti is also available.

Footprint: 49 mm x 35 mm.

Build skill level: INTERMEDIATE (See Welcome Page for definition).


platelayers hut

Optional, Free Tool Hut available with Platelayers Hut orders.
Note: Also includes an optional door for the platelayers hut graffiti version.

platelayers hut


BR(S) Platelayers Hut Card Kit

Picture shows Platelayer hut with Tool hut.

Delivered as .pdf data files.

When your payment has cleared at PayPal you will be shown the assembly instructions to download. The kit .pdf file will be delivered separately to your PayPal registered email address within 24 hours of cleared payment.

Shipping ONLY to UK, Australia, New Zealand customers.

Weight: kg

Platelayer Hut + Tool Hut Materials Kit


  • 2 x 750 micron (0.75 mm) A4 Grey Board.
  • 2 x A4 Sticky Backed Paper for Ink Jet or Laser Printers.

You still need to print the model kits yourself and source adhesives.

Select Special Materials Kit below for Platelayers Hut without a Tool Hut Materials Kit.

Shipping ONLY to UK Customers

Weight: kg

Special Material Kit

Applies to the following models:

  • Platelayer Hut without a tool hut
  • Tool Hut without a Platelayers Hut
  • Signal Box Interior without a signal box
  • Extra 4 bay coal staithes for Coal & Timber office
  • Lych Gate 
  • Top up another material kit.


  • 1 x 750 micron (0.75 mm) A4 Grey Board
  • 1 x A4 Sticky Backed Paper for Ink Jet or Laser Printers

You still need to print the model kit yourself and source adhesives.

Some models require additional A4, white, non-sticky backed print paper that you probably already have to hand (not included).

Shipping ONLY to UK Customers

Built to Order BR(S) Platelayers Hut

Hand built to order.

  • Paper and card construction
  • Printed using Epson Durabrite┬« Ultra Ink for colour fade resistance, smudge and water resistance. See full specification here
  • Shipping ONLY to UK Customers
  • Price includes postage - Second class signed for
  • Allow 14 days for delivery
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Customer Comment about Platelayers Hut Card Kit

"The kit went together really nicely without any fettling. I found the instructions easy to follow with good explanations. I used Daler board to build the model as I didn't have any 0.75 mm grey board. This actually turned out really well as the corner wraps were the perfect size. despite the board being a lot thicker"

AH, Surrey UK.

The Prototype

On which this model is based.

platelayer hut