lswr type 4 signal box

Type 4 SB Super Detailing

Super Detailing the L&SWR Type 4 Signal Box.

I visited Trevor from Reading, UK to see how he had enhanced the standard kit.

Trevor purchased the kit in 2014 for his first model railway. He has planned a fictitious model village and railway (called Trefor) and bought buildings and locomotives in advance of making the baseboards and laying railway track.

Please note that the enhancements discussed here are not included with the standard kit. They are scratch built parts made by our Customer.


Skill Level

David: " The skill level required for each kit is rated as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The Signal Box is rated as Advanced. Which skill level do you think you fit? "

Trevor: " I successfully scratch built card models as part of my College art course. But that was many, many years ago. I would consider myself at the Intermediate level. "

David: " Did you have difficulty making the kit? "

Trevor: " I was not satisfied with my first attempt so had to make it again. My problem is that I have an aversion to following written instructions, that is instructions for anything! I tend to skip them thinking I know what to do. In particular I forgot to fit the transparent window glass in my first attempt. "

David: " What advice would you give to others? "

Trevor: " Take the time to read and follow the instructions. "

David: " I'm very interested in the enhancements you made to the basic kit, Why did you decide to do that? "

Trevor: " I'm a bit of a perfectionist and was not satisfied with my own build quality of some parts, particularly the guttering and barriers on the balcony and steps. I felt I could devise an easier assembly using different materials. I also wanted opening windows. "

Sliding Windows

David: " Lets take a look at your enhancements, starting with the windows. "

Trevor: " I had the idea to make the windows slide open and position a signalman figure at a window. The windows that slide open are the two that meet at each corner of the box. These were cut from the kit as individual frames. The fitted window glass in these extends beyond top and bottom of the window frame to locate in runners fabricated to fit behind the walls. "

David: " That's a great addition. "


David: " Tell me about the guttering. "

Trevor: " I used cotton bud stalks, flattened for ease of cutting in half along the length with scissors. The 'U' of the gutter was then prised open and the gutter stuck to the edge of the roof. "

Stair Barrier

David: " And the barriers? "

Trevor: " All I used from the kit were the steps and the two side step supports. The upright posts are cut from matchsticks with card caps stuck to the tops. The bracing frames for the balcony barrier and steps were cut from card. The balcony supports underneath are matchsticks, as are the extra white support blocks there. "

David: " Your enhancements are amazing. A bit of kit bashing is perfectly acceptable to bring individuality and enjoyment to a kit build" .

Trevor: " Thank you. Next, I want to make the interior kit for the box and then have a go at the water tower. "