Hi, David Smith here. I have been a Railway Modeller since the late 1960s. My personal interest is 1960s British Rail Southern Region. I have made countless plastic and card kits over the years. I have also built models from scratch that are based on real railway architecture. You can read about my own model railways on my Blog.

I am excited by the idea of designing and supplying printable model railway card kits available via the Internet, especially models that are based on real structures and may not be available from other suppliers in kit form. So, I have created this range beginning with structures that I designed and built for my own model railway.

The buildings are designed either from published plans, or I have drawn up plans from photo surveys. I say that these buildings are based on real architecture because they may not always be 100% accurate to plan since original drawings are not always available.

Some notable features of the kits:

D├ęcor is mostly derived from photographs of materials used in real buildings. 3 dimensional relief is designed into the kits where practical. Interior decoration is provided, unless stated otherwise. Edges and corners are decorated where practical.

About Kit Design

Much planning and trial has gone into creating the kit before being offered for sale.

Each building kit is rated for BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED skill level.

About Quality of Build

The quality of the model you make will be very much dictated by your own ability and attitude as well as the suitability of printing equipment and materials you choose to use. I have used my best endeavour to ensure good colouration, components fit together accurately and instructions are clear. One thing I cannot control is your eye and hand as you cut out and assemble the parts and if you choose to use materials other than that specified then you may run into misfit issues.

So, success or failure is in your hands!

One good thing about data file card kits is if you make a mistake you can re-print the component and remake the part.

About Design Copyright

All kits are Copyright protected. Kits supplied are for personal, non-commercial use. Please do not supply your kit data file, prints or replicate models made from your kit to/for third parties.

If you wish to replicate a model as a gift for someone else please purchase another kit.

If you abuse the copyright there will be no incentive for me to develop these original designs for sale and you will be in breach of UK law.